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On this page and others, you'll find tips on editing and headline writing, comments on cliches and bad writing, etc., offered by editors and journalism professors from around the continent. Send us an e-mail to recommend additions, make comments or report broken links to.

About Our Profession

  1. About Copy Editing, columns from the American Society of Newspaper Editors magazine, the American Editor
  2. Why Editing Is Cool! compiled by Jane Harrigan
  3. Dealing With Change Sue Blair, Teresa Schmedding, Walt Stallings, Pam Johnson


  1. Heads Up! — A collection of good heads from around the country
  2. Getting Ahead — Tips on writing brighter heds, by John Schlander
  3. Head hints — a guide from Joel Pisetzner
  4. Headline hints from Wayne Countryman

Language, Editing, Reporting

  1. Quick Tips — on words, by Maurreen Skowran
  2. Cliches — compiled by Mimi Burkhardt
  3. Cliche leads contributed by Dick Thien
  4. Trite, Even If True — A roundup of thoughts on bad writing, cliches, etc.
  5. We are not bemused — A lesson on word usage by John E. McIntyre
  6. Edit This! An editing exercise
  7. Balance and Fairness, from Anne Glover
  8. Advice from Central Asia — A roundup of tips contributed by Mark Dickens
  9. Words commonly confused — More on word usage by John E. McIntyre
  10. Zip files — editing advice, contributed by Gene Zipperlen
  11. Writing Clearly on Deadline, contributed by Steve Buttry
  12. Developing, Cultivating Sources, contributed by Steve Buttry
  13. Keep in Mind... contributed by Anne Glover
  14. More Words on Words — Editing tips by Pam Robinson
  15. Nuts&Bolts at the Los Angeles Times, from Bob Baker
  16. Business editing tips, compiled by Vince Rinehart
  17. Cop talk — avoiding policespeak, by Tom Mallory


  1. Photo Team Playbook from Anne Glover


  1. Cut to the chase — writing great captions, contributed by Jack Mulkey

Math and Science

  1. Numeracy, contributed by Malcolm Gibson
  2. Notes from the Science Lab - A guide to understanding research, SMASH Desk, Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. Calculators page
  4. When Numbers Lie, from Jack Hart, The Oregonian.
  5. Afraid of Math? Take a Number - A primer on math for journalists by Douglas Starr


  1. Armed for editing - A guide to weapons terminology, by John Rains
  2. Military Index, a list of military information sites on the Web, compiled by Maurreen Skowran


  1. Getting a Jump — Six ways to get a jump on your work, by Alex Cruden
  2. Coaching tips — Editors' checklist, by Kevin Cavanagh
  3. Reference Books — Suggested by John McIntyre
  4. Turnover costs — by Joe Grimm
  5. Resume tips from Bonnie Bolden

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